Cloud Web Hosting

SIS Group provides a range of cloud web hosting solutions designed to scale as your business grows. It makes sense to only pay for services when you actually need to, which is why we offer the ultimate in flexibility!

Most successful entrepreneurs advise that you need to focus on the core area of your business – running it. Business can get bogged down procuring unnecessary infrastructure. It can be costly and cause you to lose track of what’s important. A Cloud Service solves the need for hardware by providing a feature rich web-based platform that can grow at the pace of your business. There are no upfront costs and you only pay as you go – pay as you grow.

SIS Cloud Web Hosting Service

Our Elastic Cloud gives you complete control of a large pool of available server resources, and reduces the time required to obtain and boot new server instances. This allows you to scale capacity, both up and down as required, quickly on the fly. Best of all you pay only for capacity used.

Enjoy full availability, fast delivery and ease of scale. Our cloud web hosting service is an ideal solution for businesses facing fluctuating data demands.

SIS Group managed support will also be on hand to assist with application sizing, load testing and implementation of your cloud web hosting service.

Cloud web hosting features

  • Multiple data storage tiers
  • Auto scale virtual machines, RAM & CPU up and down
  • Pre-built Images for Linux & Windows Servers
  • Control and monitor everything from your iPhone/iPad
  • CDN activation – deploy in minutes
  • Full API access to integrate into your business processes

We love to talking with businesses about their goals, and our expert team of professionals can help you achieve them by providing the advice you need, when you need it.  Call us on 1300 137 136 to find the best cloud web hosting solution for your current needs.

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