Application Services

SIS Group supports a range of application services – including WordPress for blogging and Magento for eCommerce – for web hosting in Australia.

Application services for business

Application services are services that are made available from a web server for Internet users or other Internet-connected programs. As well as CMS (content management systems) like WordPress and Magento, application services can also include storage management and CRM (customer relationship management systems). Essentially, not all application services are the same so each may require a unique web hosting solution.

SIS Group can advise you on the best web hosting solution for your suite of application services. We’ll take into account the load on your server (the number of concurrent users as well as how they interact with your website), along with any customisations needed that are native to your business or industry.

Most of our clients using application services are utilising the following:

WordPress to disseminate information

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS and the reason is simple – it’s extremely user friendly. WordPress started out as simply a blogging platform but has grown to include a huge range of plugins that can be installed easily to make your website look and function like it’s been built by a pro. We provide a one-click install for WordPress which is available with any of our cPanel hosting products. You can have a site up and running in as little as five minutes – it’s truly that simple.

Magento for eCommerce

Magento is highly recommended for eCommerce so if you are selling products or services online you should be giving this special consideration. One of the few drawbacks of Magento is heavy load on your server, so if you plan on doing a promotion you need to ensure their is more than enough bandwidth to allow for the users you are going to attract. The worst thing you can do is have your site go down right in the middle of an expensive marketing campaign. That’s exactly what happened to ClickFrenzy.

Talk to our team about the best web hosting solution for your application services. Call us on 1300 137 191 or drop us a note.

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